Party Boat Huge Blow & Cyprus Knot Pop

I am hanging out on a canal in Florida and I cant resist using this party barge houseboat to blow up this huge black balloon. I start in the back of the boat and have a seat and start blowing as I am wearing short daisy duke jean shorts and a see-thru sheer body suit. I blow and I blow but i soon realize my body may not be up for this huge challenge but I keep on inflating this sucker by my mouth. I blow and I blow and I blow. I take breaks as needed as I get light headed faster than normal. Once I know I wont passout I keep on forcing my air into it. I must move spots as this area is too small for this large balloon. I move to the front of the boat that has a chair and a cool seahorse sculpture. What a neat prop to show you none the less as I keep on blowing. I continue to get lightheaded and talk to you a bit to overcome this helpless physical feeling. I realize this balloon will be the winner if I dont just pop it soon. I look around and I see a unique piece of nature calling the balloons name. I blow it up just a bit more then explain to you that this Cyprus root/knot is the perfect solution to the demise of the balloon. The balloon is not near fully inflated but its time to make it useless to anyone else. I bound and push and push it down on the tree root sticking upwords. It eventually forces a hole into it, not causing a bang but a hole that i actually put my mouth on to humorously force more air into it with my mouth but only for a moment. Ahhh...i consider this mission complete..One inflated balloon destroyed by means of myself and nature.

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