My Surprise Valentines Day Popping Gift - Part 2 of 3

During Dream Marie's Intro to balloon popping video, i discovered I really really enjoyed humping2pop balloons. I also realized that my crotch has finally healed from that day as i was sore for days. I really liked that memory left behind so it was time we really went for it. There were inflated balloons all over the place and part of her surprise for me was to join her in popping them. After biting to pop many confetti balloons and making a huge mess all over the place, We kept placing the blow up balloons at our our crotches and we crotch2crotch popped and popped and popped. We sent confetti flying everywhere. Our smiles were so big, we just ignored you watching us as we humped2popped over and over again. We chest2chest popped, hump2popped, and just had a grand ol time forcing the balloon shards everywhere. I really like imagining I have a strap on with a balloon between us and then when it popped its forced deep inside her. That's probably why i just cant get enough of hump2popping them with Dream. Once day I will live out my fantasy but until then we will continue using our pubic bones to dry hump and pop as many as we can. Wow. We are breathing heaving and so happy but she isn't done with her Valentines gift to me. Stay tunes for the climax of her surprise to me. I didn't think this day could get any better but it sure does!



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