Word of Fayth Gone Wrong - Pt 1 of 2

My mission to spread the word of Fayth is strong and hard but so are the anti-Faith folks. I apparently knocked on the wrong door and find myself bound in a very dirty greasy small freezer converted to a tool shed in my church dress. My cleave gag doesnt keep me very quiet, but does make my protests and pleads for help muffled and a bit more quiet. I insist he will be forgiven for his sins but this doesn't keep him from coming into the freezer to get a better look at my black flat shoes, legs, gagged mouth and pitiful bound body. I insist and beg for mercy but this only puts more of a smile on his face as he holds the camera to most certainly show his buddies what he has captured and bound and gagged. I keep gag-talking and insisting he needs the word of Fayth in the name of Fayth to unbind me from these restraints but this does not happen as once he gets a good look at his bound Fayth he slowly leaves closing the freezer door leaving my pleads for help to go silent behind this very heavy door.

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