Tabletop Confetti Balloon Bursting Mess

I'm feeling pretty frisky today and I just want to play outside and pop balloons and of course make a mess too. I have several confetti filled clear 12' balloons to blow up and show who the boss is. My short jean shorts, fishnets beneath and my flowing hair really has me feeling great. I decide to blow each up until they are happily filled with air. I tie all but 1 off and decide to bounce my booty on them until they explode. The confetti that goes flying really adds to the thrill I get from popping balloons. Not only do shards go everywhere but the paper confetti flies and this just makes me giddy. I want more popping, more mess, more smiles. I continue to sit outside, mouth inflate each balloon, tie them off and bounce on them and even use my thighs to force them to their destiny of pieces. my fishnet clad legs, nature, my great mood really makes this a wonderful scene and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I finish off with an oh so wonderful blow2pop:) ahhh..what a lovely view when all i see is shards and confetti laying all over the place. Yes, Fayth was here...tehe

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