Bonus Update: Fayth Goes Bananas Popping a Pooltoy Banana

I inflated this by mouth mouth prior to this but now its time to go truly bananas on this sucker. I stand in the pool and make it as stiff as I can with my mouth before I start using the air compressor. I think out loud on my hopeful plan. Id love to straddle this banana while forcing as much air into it as possible. I learn quickly this banana does not approve of my riding it like a huge piece of inflated fruit. The more air I push into it, the more it kicks me off no matter what strategy I use to balance on top of it. Its a huge challenge ot let go of my mission but there is just no way I can ride it to pop it. I keep the nozzle in the single chamber toy as we see this banana gets so much bigger than what I started with. I am so happy and giddy watching this inflatable stretch and stretch and take more and more. I stand beside it in the pool as it floats beside me so close to my face as and force the last air it can take before it explodes with a bang. Popping this banana was such an amazing challenge and sure hope I can find another one like this as I have no idea where I got this from. Ahhh..Going bananas is fun!!!!

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