1st Ever Strip, Blow & Pop In Dark Cave

9:00 video

I'm in an amazing cave in Alabama and I just had to play with balloons knowing I may not have the opportunity like this ever again. It is cold in this underworld but this doesn't stop me from carefully stripping off each layer of my clothing down to my rubber boots and helmet only. The ground is slippy clay so I must be careful to not fall. I start by blowing up this bright balloon wearing my boy shorts but once I warm up by blowing and blowing and inflating this balloon, I carefully strip off my panties too leaving my body fully exposed to the very cold air. I change my position often as I know standing and blowing makes me dizzy with bigger balloons like this. Natures beauty in this cave is so unique as well as I know a balloon has never been popped here as well. I keep on blowing as the neck starts forming from my hot hair. I try to fix my fingers on my final grip and blow when it explodes. I remain quiet so we both can hear the loudest and longest echo ever before I react. Wow. I knew it would echo but wow, this was amazing to experience. I do have more balloons handy, but i must make sure I do not get too cold down here before I decide to stay naked and blow some more.

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