Huge Pink Balloon Popping Challenge

20:24 video

I am over at a friends private back yard pool in my one piece pink Speedo swimsuit. I have a deflated balloon that is enormous and its been years that i played with a balloon this big. I know if I only use my mouth and my lung power it would take me days to blow2pop this sucker as that's what i really want to do. I use a lovely tool of choice that is new to my collection, a portable electric air compressor. They are not silent but very effective in helping me inflate this balloon while I stay in the water and use the water as a resting point for the growing balloon. I apologize for the noise of this machine as I do talk quite a bit if my lips aren't against this loon forcing my own air inside. I use the compressor and my mouth as we each need a break so I switch often in my means of forcing air into this lovely balloon. It grows and it grows. I cant believe it takes so long for the neck to start showing itself but when it does, I know I'm getting close to my goal of it exploding. I blow and I blow, I inflate and I inflate. I hear a noise behind me, as I turn my head this huge inflated sucker burst into so many shards surprising me and slightly disappointing me but in the end, my smile is huge as I know as we examine the so many shards, that this balloon couldn't take any more air. I have never seen a huge balloon turn into so many shards than this. I am intrigued and amazed and so happy to find the floating shards and show them to you. Wow, what an amazing feat accomplished and even better, a very big surprise popping moment. *I apologize once again for the air compressor noise, it is simply part of what was need to make my mission complete.

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