Goddess Fayth Forced Gagged & Bound Slave

25:40 video

I have been waiting for you and when you do finally arrive you enter the wrong door and have no tribute in your hand to show your apology for how useless you really are and how horrible you listen to your Goddess's instructions. You should know by now after all these years in training, what i like, prefer, and insist upon. Your facial expression is turning and I ask why, I don't understand this look as if you want to actually tell me what to do. I repeat what you are thinking as you (the camera) is silent so i reiterate what you are pondering. All of sudden, you tell me you will blackmail me if i do not listen to your every demand. I give you a verbal spanking and express my utter disgust with you with my black outlined blue eyes and dark red lips. You force me to shove my mouth full of cloth then wrap grey sticky tape around my head again and again. I gag talk and mpph my frustration as clearly as I can but its no use. You continue to give me ultimatums having me tape my ankles and legs over my shiny catsuit and my zip-up black thigh high boots. I am not happy with you one bit but i must listen as the consequences of being found out would be detrimental to my life outside of being the Goddess I am otherwise. My wrists are taped behind my back, my legs are stuck together, my chest is taped and my mouth is gagged. I struggle and i struggle and I yell and I scream thru my gag over and over. I test every position my body can do while in this physical and mental bondage predicament. If you listen closely, I speak words, i call you names, I tell you exactly what I think but from behind my stuffed mouth tape gag. I'm pretty sure you know I mean what i'm saying but there is nothing I can do but to continue to struggle on the bed then making my way to the floor allowing my gagged face and angry eyes to get closer to the camera to ensure you can understand what I am saying. A Goddess does not deserve this treatment. You will pay for this! You better hope I never get out of this tape bondage or you will learn who the real Dom is!

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