1 Way Valve Blow Up w Fire

10:26 video

Today is a special day, for no other reason than, I'm in a public bar, topless, with hydration, with a big clear stunning balloon and luckily with my 1 way valve that a dear friend gifted me. My day cant get any better than this with all these lovely ingredients! I'm even wearing sexy velvet feeling thigh high boots and short jean daisy duke shorts. I'm in a slightly talkative mood but more so a blowing mood. My mission at first is to blow2pop this sucker and i really force as much of my air into it but then in order to control my lightheadedness, I talk with you about this and that and where I'm at and reiterating why I'm in such a great mood and proving it by ending this day with a bang. I keep inflating this sucker as you keep an eye on my boot clad legs and my stomach filling and emptying of air making my muscles seem to pop out a bit too. My smile stays big but i decide that I will be here all day IF i would decide to pop this balloon by means of blow to pop so I blow it up even more so then decide to burst it with a part of me, a flame! This type of popping method isn't an option often for me at all but my environment and my mood really call for something unique. Why not, right? The huge mouth inflated balloon cant help but bust from the heat of the flame making me smile and celebrate. ahhh..now its time to enjoy the pub and hydrate:) 

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