Evolution of a Hanging Hogtied Fayth

Im being punished for I have sinned. I am simply bound in my red panties and lacy bra and sexy closed toe high heals with my ankles and thighs tightly tied together, my arms in a secured TK and my mouth shoved full with a ballgag. I struggle on the floor with a bit of freedom to struggle and show off my legs and ass and belly. I am bound but i sure do move around alot, a bit too much. More silver nylon rope is added to bind me in a bundled up hogtie and the left to test my struggling options. I still move around and show you my back arched movement as i attempt to suck up my drool from my gagged mouth and moaning mpphed situation. I guess Im still moving too much since I them am secured to an up-point to keep me even more still on this floor bondage situation but that doesnt last long as my top decides to prove I am not in control of this situation as he pulls my body up in the air on screen. I am scared of heights and my reaction really proves this. I moan out of fear thru my gag, my blue eyes get big the higher he pulls me up. I am scared but i know i can trust him but I cant help it. To make matters even worse, he keeps me in a slow spin and as you can hear, I am not too happy about that either. Every body part is pulled up to include my hair as i slowly spin for your and his pleasure and my torment. I soon apologise for my actions..Im so sorry, please forgive me. I have learned my lesson. Please Sir, i wont do it again as you still contemplate on if i deserve more punishment for my wrong doings but my eyes, my eyes and my gagged pleads do show mercy.

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