Cuffed to Bar, Gagged & Fondled

I have had to resort to selling the word of Fayth to make ends meet and I am knocking door to door to attempt to make ends meet. I enter a room but nobody is there as you can see somebody is watching me from the security camera inside. I holar and knock and eventually a man enters the door as I speak to him/you as your POV. I ask to enter holding my books of Fayth with the word of good. As I enter and come to the bar, I look around and realize I really should not have come here as I see chains, handcuffs and shackles hanging everywhere. The next thing I realize I'm handcuffed to the top of the bar begging for release. I plead and beg and argue and talk and talk and talk but you just keep looking at me not talking but just looking at my with perverted eyes. My mouth is much too active as you stick a piece of microfoam tape over my mouth to muffle my words but not stopping me from struggling. You then grope me, rip my blouse off my chest and pull my skirt, ripping it, and discovering my sexy lingerie beneath but only to be seen by my darling husband, not you!! You grope my breasts, move my private cloth covering over to reveal my little landing strip and pull up hard to give my a front wedgie. I yell and struggle with all my might but cuffs and chains are not forgiving and inescapable. I eventually get the tape gag off my mouth as I continue to try and negotiate my release with any words and actions that come to mind but instead of letting me go, you slowly walk away leaving me bound to the bar top for someone else to discover me to do as they with to me.

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