Military Bandage Bondage Training

I slip my sergeants dress coat on to start my training exercise. It starts out simple or so I thought until I try to move. The high heals I have on and the wrapping material that is used around my ankles and chest and wrists and the flooring beneath me make my balance very unsteady as I know if I move it will only help my future and help me pass this step of training. My head is then wrapped tightly with bandage to imitate what could happen to me on the battle field or in captivity. I use my eyes to plead alone with my gagged muffled voice. I try to call for help but I must know that nobody may not be around in the real life situation but i try anyways to gag-talk my way out of this training. Instead of being released, I then am hung from my hips as if I really am in a horrible position. I struggle all I can but my mummified head is the only body part barely touching the ground making my struggling a bit challenging as I slowly spin around as you hear me mpph and moan. To complete this training, my wrists are bound to my ankles leaving me suspended in the air unable to struggle or escape one bit. At this point, this exercise has turned into an endurance test. I sure hope I pass this test of captivity so I can move on to the paper test at an actual desk. Little do I realize till the very end that due to my complacency, I fail this training due to forgetting one crucial piece of uniform, but i'm sure you don't mind, do you? 

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