Stubborn Wobble Blow2Pop Poolside

I am determined to blow up some sort of inflatable until it pops and I found a smaller version of a wobble in my stash so what better place to play with this balloon type inflatable than poolside, in the sun, in my matching bra and thong panty set. I unpackage this supposedly miniature wobble with no thought of any type of challenge ahead. Boy was I wrong. This soft balloon type toy is smaller than my fist, so this shouldn't be too difficult or take too long to inflate this sucker with my mouth until it pops. This wobble definitely has a different plan for my lungs and especially my lips and cheeks. I shove the little straw into the hole with a bit of patience. Once I succeed at that, I blow and I blow and I blow using only this little straw. It only takes me a few minutes of blowing this sucker up that this will be not quick and not easy. pursing my lips like this so long and hard isnt easy but there is no warm up for this action but luckily i'm stubborn and wont give up. I simply take a few quick breaks to massage my lips and make funny faces to stretch my mouth out but I keep on blowing and blowing as I try to show you my bare feet and my pretty red panty set too. My lips really want me to give up and come up with another way to pop this wobble but I stick to it and keep blowing and blowing. I keep checking it to see if its even getting harder and tighter and eventually i feel its not as bouncy but there is no telling how much air this inflatable will hold but i just keep blowing in between making strange stretching faces. I lay down on the pools edge as I am getting light headed and i stubbornly keep on blowing until it surprises me as it pops from the last breath of air it could handle. Its not the loudest bursting noise but i do think this is one of most satisfactory blow2pops I've done as I did not know if i would succeed or if it was possible for the little plastic straw to cooperate with me. What a great accomplishment and huge smile I have on my face. A storm is coming so lets get inside and keep on smiling at this awesome wobble b2p!

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