Bonus Update: My Surprise Valentines Day Popping Gift - Part 3 of 3

Dream Marie insisted I come over 1st thing on Valentines day so she could surprise me with something. Well, it turned out to be a ton of balloons to pop in a variety of ways. This final chapter of my day includes so much more than just popping balloons, but balloons none the less. Dream introduces me to auto-inflate balloons and I am totally blown away that there is even such a thing. She shows me just how they work, and i really cant believe my eyes. If you smack or punch the little package (the correct way) they automatically inflate. So my imagination goes right to where Id want to smack them ON her. So i have her roll over onto her belly and I place 2 of these little packages onto her ass and I begin to do exactly like she suggested, smack it until they inflate. Turns out maybe smacking isn't the best way to initiation the auto-fill feature but her ass cheeks redden up so lovely like that i really don't want to stop, whether or not the little balloons fill up or not. It does however give me a reason to keep on spanking her lovely ass. I cant say I didn't give it all my best as my bare hand really stings the more I smack her and the balloon bags. Soon enough I do trigger them to inflate but well, her ass just calls out for more smacks and spanks so why should I stop, right? Her reaction is so perfect, her noises makes me never want to stop, and my hand pain really isn't important as I continue to make her ass as red as I can. I even compare her ass cheeks to a red balloon that almost match. All I know its these auto-fill balloons made my day so awesome with a surprise giving of a spanking. She even shows me that balloons can cum when bitten to pop as these particular balloons have liquid inside to cause them to inflate but definitely doesn't taste good per Dream Marie's reaction to getting it on her tongue. WOW, this has been the best Valentines day surprise ever. I am very honored Dream came back into my life after a few year hiatus but i do not see us parting ways anytime soon knowing we both love balloons and each other as much as the other. Our smiles really do prove that and I hope you agree!

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