Casually Blowing a Dozen Loons

Im house sitting a beautiful house with really fancy furniture so what better way to pass the time than to hang out in my sundress and barefeet and 13 colorful balloons calling my name to play with them. The very first balloon decides to not play fair and show me not all balloons are perfect as it has a pinhole in it to start. The remain 12 however are in good shape to be inflated by my mouth and my hot hair. I really love the look of these tie dye balloons as not 1 is the same in color. They are double dipped making it a bit more difficult to blow more than just a few. My cheeks start hurting but I do not give up, i just talk with you a bit once I start feeling the pain. I blow each up and tie each into a knot when the neck starts forming so they don't pop as I plan on playing with them to help entertain myself while watching this house. The more time that passes, the more I blow the more the couch gets filled with the inflated loons and the bigger smile I get. There no accidental popping nor mention of them popping. I do not wish for them to pop at all and im glad not one turns into shards!

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