Fayth Tries to Struggle Hard

Seems KK Roper has a mission at hand, to see how well he can tie me up and how little I can struggle in his bondage. Hes done a pretty good job so far but this last tie of the day had him warmed up to what I am capable of and how much I love to squirm no matter what or where the rope is placed on my body. My arms are behind my back, my knees are to my chest, as the tie progresses, more rope is added to my body parts that are moving entirely to much for his likling. By the end of this lovely, tight, strict and frustrating rope scene, I am unable to roll over, move much but of course the ballgag allows me to bitch and complain in a muffled tone. My pantyhose help facilitate the little movement on the wood floor that I do win at. My frustration grows greater and greater as I am just totally stuck on my side in this front balltie with my hair back, feet tied, mouth gags, knees and ankles stuck. Damn it KK Roper, seems you have succeeded in keeping the Fayth stay pretty stuck and put and very frustrated too. Darn it and your meddling rope way;)

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