Huge Nude Inflate, Hump & Bite2Pop Fun

Im naked and in a great mood but I know one thing that will make me smile even bigger and get me to my max happy mood. I have a huge long deflated balloon and an air compressor and a bit pf patience too. I get comfy on the bed and start forcing air into this huge sucker as it gets bigger and bigger, my smile does too. Im very grateful i have this compressor or else id be here all day blowing this up with my mouth! I stop inflating it a few times to test its weight capacity out as I sit on it, I fist it, i lay on it, I hump it, I roll on it, and I even lay on it while I inflate it even more as I feel my body slowly rising and the latex stretching beneath me. I really do love that feeling and wish you could feel it too. I am having a great time with this lovely huge balloon as keep on blowing it up until its deflated bulge is gone. I then ponder how to pop this sucker. I would love to blow to pop it but Im in a feisty mood so I decided to ride it some more, test its durability out, straddle it and count down and bite2pop it as its beneath my weight. I shove my face into it, my mouth on it, and my teeth into it as it pops sending me to the bed with a bang! I really love popping balloons and then playing with the shards of big balloons. This shard could even be used as a skirt as I model it for you wrapped around my waist. ahhhhh..what a great way to spend a day in the bedroom, dont you think?

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