Bonus Update: Fayth Strips & Swims

It is really hot outside and I just cant wait to get out of my clothing before diving into the pool, so i do not wait, I dive right in the water with my short shorts on, my business jacket and my undershirt on. I swim to you and strip all while under the water other than my head. You watch me unbutton and strip out of my clothing and kick around and tread until I am naked and go for a swim and float around for your and my amusement. My article of clothing float around and some sink to the bottom as I freestyle swim, I do flips under the water, I dive under and swim as you watch my naked body kick and paddle. I float on my back as you see my red hair float all around me as I relax before swimming around again. You see my pierced nipples and my belly as I stand in front of you, as you stay below the waters surface the entire time in silence but with a smile.


There is no audio in this video other than hearing the bubbles when I come close to you.

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