Lingerie Leaf Blower 2 Pop

You enjoy watching me do any type of yard work in my skimpy lingerie. I am blowing out your poolside room when I find a huge deflated clear balloon inside the minifridge. I get instantly giddy and excited as I know you know how much I love balloons. I decide to take a break from yardwork and have a seat and play with this lovely balloon. I stretch the neck onto the blower and test it out. The balloon inflates super fast and when I turn the blower off, it leaks out quickly. I then persuade myself to just inflate this sucker up in 1 blow knowing it will not take long but I really dont knwo what to expect. You better move your chair back or else this balloon will burst right in your face. I turn the switch on as you get pretty good views of my pantiless crotch from beneath my lingerie. I start the blower up and let it rip. My helpless reaction is of shock and surprise as this balloon gets bigger faster than I have ever seen before. I get nervous and my body movements really show as I try to get my face as far away from this loon as possible. You can see me thru the huge expanding balloon as it gets more transparent with every passing second. It takes no time for it to explode into many shards. I am so excited about the number of shards it creates, that i must show you where they landed as I pick them up and try to put them on display but slightly fail. Wow, what a great fast exciting time this was. I guess you will be asking me to help with yard work again, wont you?

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