Confetti Balloon Pops at this Ol Barn

I am walking around an old decrepit barn and I so happen to run across balloons laying on the workbench that has not been used for decades. These balloons definitely are not old and must be played with and popped of course. I causally enjoy blowing each of them up with my mouth and hot air. Once the confetti filled balloons are big enough, i decide at the last minute how each should be popped. I change positions as standing and blowing isn't always the greatest thing for me as i sit on the steps for a pop as well. I blow2pop, I bite2pop, I use my finger nails to pop and send paper confetti flying. I even use some sharp objects around the barn to burst these suckers. I get warm pretty fast as I strip down to my fullback panties and fancy bra. I hope the farmer doesn't return while Im half naked and on his property:) Once i joyfully inflate each of the balloons I found and pop them in my different ways, I ask for your help in cleaning up the shards so maybe, just maybe, the farmer will never know I was there. Tho the confetti does give my actions up a bit. What a great day to pop some strangers balloons, don't you think?



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