Bonus Update: River Raft Mouth Inflate Challenge

Im camping with a bunch of friends at a river that we are going to float down later on and my girlfriend has no idea how she is going to blow up her raft since she didn't bring an inflator or has a pump nor do we have electric at this campsite to use an electric pump. Before I even see the float, I tell her that i can and will blow it up myself with my mouth. She didn't believe me and said that its just too big to do that. I was convinced there is no float too big for me to blowup by mouth. Once I saw her tube, i knew i could do it way faster than she ever expected. She walks to the bathroom as I push record and I have you watch me blow this thick handled very durable raft up as I sit on the edge of my van. I blow and I blow, mostly using the huge chamber as i dont realize there is a 1-way valve until im almost done. I keep on blowing as you watch it take shape into a perfectly good floating river tube. She returns as Im almost done as you can hear her surprised reaction as to how fast I was able to blow this sucker up. I do have to blow up the head pillow portion and then done deal, no problem, no major challenge and its always nice to know my mouth can help friends out without even getting naked. Ahhh..yet another good deed done in exchange for just a bit of lightheadedness:)

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