Ultra Girl Carissa & Spyder Fayth Popping Celebration

UltraGirl Carissa & I have been fighting crime all day and its time to celebrate all our good doings by relaxing at our secret lair and popping some balloons in our rare downtime. These balloons are filled with confetti since we deserve not only shards flying everywhere but confetti too. We both blow up 3 but Ultra Girl has a bit of a slow start as her prior perils may have needed her mouth power but nonetheless, we blow2pop our 1st balloon, squeeze the 2nd with our powerful superhero thighs, and under deflate and tie off the 3rd and show the balloons just how strong our grip is with our hands as we squeeze and manhandle the loons before sending confetti flying with every pop. This really is the perfect way to let off some steam and relax before the next call of distress comes in..ahhh..in the meanwhile, we summon a drink to relax just a tad more. 

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