Balcony Bound, Suspended & Struggling

Im wearing nothing but lacy white panties and white high heal pumps, red rope and a white cleave gag. My arms are forced in a self hug and my legs are tied together. I struggle around testing the tightness of the ropes and my mobility. My cleavegag keeps my noises muffled as I roll around on the floor. I see my rope top coming as i beg him for no more but that is not an option. I then find myself with my legs pulled off the floor with my upper body still able to reach the ground as you watch me continue to test my ability to move and struggle. The thin rope in my hair teases me knowing that there is more to come but I do not know what. Once I test every movement out that is possible, he adds more rope pulling me entirely off the ground, forcing my body in a sideways twisted suspension. I am unable to move like I prefer, but simply wiggle in the air, look at you with my blue pleading eyes and my gagged mouth. My head is pulled up with hair bondage leaving me hanging at your mercy. I really do try to struggle but its no use as my forced self hug and my panties emphasising my round ass. When I think he is done with me, he isnt as i am transitioned to a tease of getting off the ground, as my legs again are left hanging and my chest is on the ground and my hair is still bound leaving me little room for struggling still. You get a good look at my predicament as I plead and mpph to have mercy on my bound mostly naked body.

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