Inflate (Challenge), Play & Pop 6 36" Balloons

It took more than 50 min of on camera time to inflate 6 balloons with 3 different of inflation devices and the balloons didnt even get as big as i wanted. I want you to know that, yes, huge balloons are amazing to play with and pop, but there really is so much more to it to make that part even possible. I use an electric inflator that gets too warm and it concerned me since i only had 6 balloons and no backups so i didn't want to inflator to melt and pop the balloons before i was ready to play and pop. I also used a 150 PSI air compressor that didnt even hold enough air to blow up 1 balloon. So in reality, between some of the balloons, i had to turn the compressor on, fill it up, then push record again since i really am not fond of the loud noise of the compressor. I do get inpatient and finally just let the compressor make the noise but i try very hard not too at the beginning. I also use my mouth as i try to let 1 cool down and the other fill up and still not one of the balloons gets as big as i hoped. I wanted the necks to form more before playing with them with my nylon pantyhose clad legs, licking them and biting their necks and pulling and playing before using my nails or teeth to pop these huge balloons. I really love playing with and popping balloons but the true frustration you see in this video is as genuine as it gets and made me realize i must figure out another way to inflate huge balloons so i can do this again. So please feel free to make suggestions or even help sponsor the next tool of demise;) least all the balloons popped and they were all forced into the shards they were born to be in the end.  

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