Carissa & Fayth Found, Bound & Struggling for Trespassing

I just got finished tying up Carissa to a lovely tree, at first was consensual but the more plastic I wrapped on her limbs and the gag made her realize just how stuck she was and the bigger smile I had realizing I can have a peaceful dinner on my own, but before I could get too far, I too was discovered to have trespassed and was forced to get bound to a tree right next to Carissa. I cant believe this is happening. I am gagged and gagtalking to Carissa as this was not the way this day was supposed to go. We test our binds, try to stretch the plastic forcing us to the tree tightly. Our OTM gags turn into cleavegags making our gagged words a bit more clear and our frustrations more understood and our bickering more so as well. We test and pull and realize we must escape because there is not telling what will happen to us when the mad property and tree owner returns. We give it all our might and eventually and dramatically escape our bondage and I help Carissa with the last of her restraints. We both drag plastic behind us as we run away from this crazy mans property. When he returns, all that's left of our trespassing turned wrong is plastic around the tree as he wonders where we ran off too. Wow, Carissa and I really need to stop going on property without permission. Altho neither one us mind the punishment it seems that comes with it. 

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