Nude Sock Step to Pop Fun

Its time for me to finish this house sitting gig and that means i must clean up the mess I made to include the balloons I blew up and played with for days. I cant leave them laying around for the homeowner unfortunately so i decide to slide some big scrunchy shin high socks on and pop them all using only my sock clad feet. I expect them to not pop easily as the carpet is soft and thick and the balloons are not over inflated but I am surprised again and again that when I press down on each balloon with both feet, they pop easier and faster than i expect and sorta hoped for. I play with a few to admire the different colors of the tye dye balloons but they temp me too much as i press down on each forcing the neck to protrude as far as possible before they each explode sending shards flying all over the place. Ooops, i was to clean up, not make more of a mess. I sure wish you were here to help me clean up, heck, help me pop them too:) I give you a closer view of my socked feet and the stretching balloons on the floor before I finish off my naked balloon popping session. to find all the shards so the homeowner doesnt think im having parties while she is gone.

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