Inflating Clear GL500 Until it Bursts

I was going to thru my balloon stash last night and I found this one of a kind, beautiful clear thick long balloon that was calling my name to play with. I know blowing it by mouth is feasible but im just not sure how long it will take me nor what challenges may arise in my personal challenge, so i decide to take the easy but super fun way of bursting this beautiful balloon. I have learned that long balloons need a safe place to rest as well when inflating them, so what better place than inflating it over a swimming pool. I show you the deflated balloon, asking if you know what type it is, as i did get several fellow looners to come to the consensus that is probably is a GL500. I have a handy air compressor and lots of umph to see just how big this balloon will get. I sit on the edge of the balloon with my Speedo one piece bathing suit on and have a nice casual time as if you are sitting right there with me. I force air into it as i watch it expand. I stop and chitchat a bit more about pre-stretched balloons and how I have a hard time doing just that, so I do not let any air out of this balloon, instead I force more and more and more air into this longer and longer lovely balloon as I adjust my position hoping you can see the entire girth of this loon the entire time. I end up laying on my back on the edge of the pool knowing it will burst soon. I am so thrilled with this experience and how it popped and when it popped and how big it got. I really with I had more just like this so i could try to blow it up by mouth, roll on it, sit on it, lay on it..but this balloon had to be tested and burst just the way i saw fit. I hope you agree;)

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