Bonus Update: Innertube Inflate 2 Pop While On Top

I'm having a blast playing with pool toys today in a lovely pool in sunny and hot Florida. Its time now to see just how durable this black tire inner-tube really is. The print on it makes it look like a tire but there's no way it can endure all my wrath of my way with air. I first lay on the edge of the pool in my lovely tight pink Speedo swimsuit and blow it up with my mouth. I must bit the valve with my teeth to force my air into it but luckily this isn't as challenging as others today. Once I inflate it as much as I can with my lung and mouth power, I then put it in the pool and get on top of it as you are supposed too..but i'm no where near done playing with this pool toy inflatable. I have a handy dandy electric air compressor and i'm going to put it to work and my inner-tube to the test and my fear too as I explain further. I force the nozzle to the air inlet and let the compressor do what I couldn't. The tube filling with air, makes me float higher and higher on top of the water. I guess where it will pop, but there is no telling when and this has me so very anxious, nervous, and excited all at once. I talk to you all the while as I am not sure how else to release my endorphins but to talk, if you haven't noticed before;) I see a bubble forming beside me but I do not stop forcing air into it until it just cant take anymore and explodes beneath me, forcing me into and under the water. Wow, what an amazing experience. I want to do this again and again, if my nerves could holdup, id never stop bursting things beneath me. WOW...I sure had a great time with this challenge. Feel free to donate more pool-toys to the cause of popping by Fayth. I know id like that alot!!!

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