Mummification Escape "Challenge" In Record Time

Knotty Guy has been helping me with lots of videos recently but his talent and desire is with rope, rope and more rope. I decide to test his abilities with plastic wrap and tape. I challenge him to use as much plastic and tape on me as he wishes and i insist I can escape whatever he decides to wrap me with, however he decides to tape me. He wraps most of my naked with plastic as we show you this step as i tell him i'm very sure I can get out but he isn't done, then he wraps a couple rolls of electrical tape over the plastic off screen but we discuss on screen what I think and as we hear his confidence that he does not think I will get out but hes not quite finished with my mummification. He finishes his Faythful wrapping as we see he has wrapped my head with plastic, leaving my eyes and nose out but thoroughly gagging me over the plastic with many wraps of black sticky electrical tape around my mouth. He entertains himself and you, leaving my breasts exposed which looks sexy as hell. Now that 98% of my body is covered in plastic and tape he stands back with a big grin thinking he is going to simply watch me struggle and suffer, but I have a grin beneath my gag knowing i will escape. I start by poke my long finger nails through the plastic and between the tape lines..and honestly that is all that needs to happen for me to just rip and stretch and tear through the rest to escape in record time. I even take brief breaks as i do break a sweat and start breathing heavy. I unwrap the plastic and tape gag and wala..Im out...ahhhh...Knotty Guy is very impressed on how fast i escaped and he makes it very known he wants to try this again. Im sure he will use more materials next time so he can sit back even longer to see me struggle and writhe;)

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