Frustrated Fayth Inflates Many Balloons

I am very excited to try out a gift from a fellow looner as he was aware of my issue a while back trying to inflate 36" loons, so i was told this electric inflator will do the trick. I am casually dressed in short daisy duke shorts, a sweater, and nice warm boots that i don't often get to wear. I have a pile of smaller balloons that I think would be a good test for it. I learn how it works with you present, and it doesn't take me long to realize this pump isn't working. I try and I try and i put different balloons over the nozzle. It inflates some, it doesn't others over and over again. The more it fails me, the more I blow up by mouth. I do realize my mouth and lungs can inflate the balloons faster than this machine. I grow more and more frustrated but I keep trying and stretching and playing with the hose and pulling the balloons and removing and changing the tips to the hose. I end up throwing the balloons that it just cant inflate across the room. I really wanted to blow up and inflate 30 balloons but after failing so many times, i have no idea how many end up inflated and tied up. I talk to you throughout this process and really share my feelings with you. Geesh, i sure wish a pump could keep up with my demand but i think in the end, i have enough balloons to play with until I am ready to turn them into little pieces. I do not intentionally pop any balloons in this video. 

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