Winter Break Bind & Struggle of Fayth Part 1 of 2

I am finally on winter break from school. I have waited for this down time for months. I am curled up on the couch in my turtle neck knitted sweater, dark brown tights, and thick scrunchy warm socks, reading a book. I really love that i don't have any roommates or anyone that every visits. This is my quiet time away from the hussle of the daily grind of teaching. I think I hear a noise but eh, its probably nothing. I am in the middle of pondering taking a nap when a strong big hand covers my mouth. I instantly start fighting and trying to peel the hand away from my mouth and nose. I kick furiously, I scream with whatever air is able to escape,my blue eyes have never been this wide in fear but I am no match for this hand over my mouth as I eventually go succumb. This allows him to get a nice good look at my sleeping body with out hearing a word at my comfortable warm and sexy casual outfit and closed eyes and helplessness. He came with intentions and this is just the beginning as he duct tapes my ankles together tightly over my thick socks, and then also finds another pair of sock and tapes them in place over my hands with duct tape wrapped tightly around my wrists keeping my fingers from doing anything except for staying warm inside the socks. I wake up slowly, hoping i'm dreaming but i quickly realize i'm not as I panic and struggle and try to get this bondage off of my body but its no use, making more angry with each second. I finally see you watching me, you are the janitor from the school. I cant believe it. I curse you out, demand to be released, and angrily tell you what i think of what you are doing invading my home and taping me up in a helpless nature. I insist you untape me but my pleads go unheard but instead an entire huge thick long sock is slowly but surely shoved all the way into my mouth. He steps back to watch me gag talk still mad and struggling with out it secured into my mouth, altho i do not spit it out. It is too big to budge. He comes back and wraps several layers of tape around my head and mouth to secure the gag for the rest of his visit, and its a long one. This only makes my words more muffled and my mpphss louder as my anger and panic and frustration only gets worse. Its very clear I am not submitting to this but doing all I can to protest this janitors unwelcome visit. I struggle off the couch trying to make my way to the door to hope maybe someone will pass by and help me from this very unexpected and inappropriate action of a fellow school employee. I really try with all my might to not make this easy on him or me. As I am in tape bondage and very efficiently gagged, I keep moving closer to the door but I don't make it very far before he comes back and continues his lesson of the day that includes a severe pantyhose hooding, encasement, dragging and much more angry and exhausting struggling....To be continued..

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