Barefoot Pump2Pop Casual Bursting

I am wearing a cute white top with my belly fully exposed and navy blue itty bitty panties and nothing else. Its been a while since I played with my foot pump inflator and my colorful tie dye balloons. Why not give my mouth and lips a break and remind myself why I love pumping with my feet sometimes. I quickly am reminded how fun it is to stick the balloon onto the end of the tube, hold it with one hand and push and push the pump with my bare feet until the balloon cant take anymore air and it explodes so loud. I instantly smile bigger and want more and more. Luckily I have 8 pretty balloons that need destroyed. Right before they explode, each of the balloons neck stretches pretty long and makes me want to see it at the same time as showing it off to you. I really enjoy popping these suckers for you as these particular balloons are difficult to b2p by mouth since they are double dipped with the color and thicker than a normal 12" balloon. ahh...what a great popping session this is, but I guess it cant last forever as my barefeet and thick legs get a bit tired. Lets clean up these shards and go for a dip in the pool since I am a bit warm from this fun looner time.

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