Spyder Fayth Tricked, Bound & Hung

8:03 video

I have been notified that the worst villain of them all is here and its time I capture the fool that has been causing chaos throughout the city. I search but before I find him in his natural setting, he quickly sneaks up behind me and handgags me and uses a magical white cloth the render me helpless. The next thing I know is I'm out like a light bound with my arms straight out with a piece of bamboo and my legs are bound in a criss cross position. My mouth is covered with microfoam to not allow me to speak clearly but only wake up to muffle and gripe thru my tapegag. I am not happy about this at all. I gagtalk the best I can as you keep an eye on me closely watching me as I angrily struggle and test my binds. I try to insist you will not get away with this but clearly Spyder Fayth is not going anywhere anytime soon. You seem to get frustrated with hearing me protest thru my gag as you apply the magic Kayo cloth over my mouth and nose again to make me relaxed once again. I then come to upside down hanging from my bound crossed legs. My hair is hanging and I am totally helpless and spinning with my frustrated struggling. You keep watching me with a smirk of evil as you know there is no escaping for me in my bondage situation. I continue to protest thru my gag and with my bound body movements but its no use as being upside down coercing me to eventually go to lala land again leaving me hanging like the Spyder I am but not in a good way. Will you come save me? Will i be stuck here forever? 

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