No Struggling In Futo FrogTie & Hairtie For Fayth

10:01 video

You want to know what is the most frustrating thing for me when I am tied up? Its when I cant struggle. When I am bound, that is all that is on my mind is to move, to test the ropes, and to test my body and minds ability to overcome the fact that I shouldn't move, and move. I am 98% successful with my mission and I always seem to be able to move or roll over or use another body part to help me struggle and change positions. BUT THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE TIMES! It only takes me seconds to realize I am unable to move anything other than my hands, fingers and my ankles only in the slight bit. My legs are in a Futo Momo shin to thigh tie, my arms are tied to my shins, My hair is VERY tightly braided and bound to my bare feet pulling my head back. I love my hair bound and this tie is no exception and damn it looks great too. This entire bondage predicament tie certainly looks better than it feels. I am totally helpless, stuck, unmoving, and I feel I can't entertain you by moving and this drives me crazy. My dear friend Knotty_Guy_100 (on fetlife) sure wants to giggle at my frustration but he sits back and watches and listens to me complain and continue  to test the ropes. I eventually am complaining too much so he tightly cleavegags me with black electrical tape making my frustrations muffled and not so clear. You will probably agree, I sound better gagged:) I gag talk tho since seems my mouth is the thing that can still move the most so I take advantage of this and use my muffled words to express myself and my blue eyes to plead and complain. Ahhh...looks like he figured out how to keep me still, the question is, how long can he keep me this way before I go too crazy in my head and call it? I hope you enjoy this rare moment of me not moving around and in fantastic rope and frustrated as heck. 

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