Blow & Punch & Pop Balloon In Treehouse

5:00 video

I cant get enough of this treehouse and now that a wall is missing I feel it opens up more space to share my shenanigans with balloons. I have a pretty punch balloon with the rubberband still connected so I stand against the stud wall and blow thru the hole until i realize if i keep blowing, I wont be able to get the balloon thru it. My fishnet clad legs, short booty jean shorts and bra show off my best features to include my stomach, belly, legs, and my lungs show you my strongest feature. I continue to inflate this balloon with my mouth until it gets a bit tight. I do want to play with it a bit before I make it to meet its destiny. I tie this lovely orange balloon off and start punch it like I used to years ago. I have never really been able to punch it and hit it repetitiously. I voice my concern of the not knowing when and where it will burst. Will it be in my face, outwards or not at all? I punch and I punch but it doesn't burst. This means I get play with and beat it more. I go crazy with the punching but this loon is being stubborn so I decide to put this challenge to a rest by using my butt to burst this bitch. I assume the position and squat and start my balloon bouncing to pop mission. This orange balloon must have been intimidating since it doesn't take many bounces to destroy it into many shards. Ahhhh..mission complete..Now where else can I have a bag.

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