Hogtied & Hair Tied to Bed

9:04 video

I have seen this position done and I finally have the chance to give it a try. The examples I have seen made it look easy, I was far from wrong. My legs are bound to the bed frame, my hair is fulled back to the bed, my arms and wrists are pulled back leaving me very little room for movement and struggle. My mouth is wrapped with a lovely OTM gag as you hear my muffled moans of endurance and discomfort. I try to wiggle my naked ass, I try to see what other body parts i can move, but only my toes, my fingers and my head can move a bit. My eyes try to stay open but this tie turns into more an endurance test for me than anything else and I did not expect that. My wonderful evil friend tries to show you all the angles of this first time tie for me as I try to follow the camera with my eyes but i must focus on my situation more than i every anticipated. Soon enough, he gets close to my face as you can hopefully tell with the look in my blue eyes that the time is drawing near of me calling red. My arms have turned a shade of purple, my shins unexpectedly are in pain, and my back is saying hi as well. Wow, just because a bondage position looks sexy and easy on a model, does not mean its easy on the body. What a challenge this was for me and I hope you enjoy my peril too;)

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