Carissa Bound to Tree By Fayth

6:02 video

Carissa and I are dressed in our Sunday best in cute little dresses as she even has sexy fishnets hugging her legs and lovely black pumps on too. We are in a backyard that looks deserted and these cyprus trees are calling for more fun that just waving around in the breeze. I decide to consensual bind her to this tree with plastic with her arms back and behind her and her legs spread as her high heels sink into the Florida sand. I wrap my bondage plastic wrap around her wrists, ankles, thighs and around her chest to ensure she wont escape from my fun little predicament. All along we discuss how we hope the owner of this garden, tree, yard wont return but there's not much she can do if they do..I certainly can run away but Carissa will be stuck. Luckily I gag her so she cant scream or disrupt the neighbors. She definitely gets a bit concerned about her vulnerable bound and gagged state but not much she can do about it at all. I then decide to stand back and watch my captured damsel but little do I know that the owner comes back and decides to take it a bit further than I already have in using his lovely trees to his advantage, not only mine. Stay tuned for our Sunday best bondage fun gone array. 

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