Bonus Update: Tightest Mummification in Plastic & Tape - (The Wrapping)

50:03 video

I have excitedly taken on a request that asked to see me tightly mummified and unable to escape. I originally suggested not using plastic as the base since I know I can handle tape on my skin directly but in this case, I am very glad I chose plastic or else none of the tape would have stuck to my skin since I immediately started sweating profusely. Farmer Joe gets sick of my talking very fast so he decides to wrap my body and my head and my mouth instead of waiting till later to mummify my head. He finished covering everything but my nose with plastic when he starts meticulously wrapping my head first with black electrical tape. It is so tight but im tough, so i'm pretty sure I can handle the pressure. Im balancing on my feet but once the tape starts being wrapped around my chest and puddles start forming at my bare feet, I have him sit me down as breathing is becoming difficult and the heat my body is expelling is becoming unbearable, luckily he isn't too much of a dick and listens to me when I ask him to cut my head out of the plastic and tape before finishing mummifying my body. I really do my best to endure it as long as possible but safety first and since my head was wrapped, there was no place for the heat to escape and the amount of sweat I was leaving on the floor, proved i was right in having him unwrap my head. My makeup is messed up but I don't care, I feel better and cooler as he continues to cover every inch of the plastic with electrical tape. He doesnt pull it out from the roll first making it get tighter and tighter around every part of my body. Yes, I talk alot thru this but as you will hear, i express my true feelings, thoughts, and worries and concerns. This is the toughest wrapping i have ever gotten and talking thru this was very important not only for safety but distraction. We do have fun in our banter as Farmer Joe really gets into it as he knows I am at his mercy as he pushes and pulls me and places me where he needs me on the bed to continue the wrapping. My legs become welded into one, my arms are very compressed to my chest, my ass is many many inches smaller and my body has never been tighter. In the end, the puddles of sweat are huge as there is no a/c in this room and its Florida, so he decides that wrapping my head is not safe at all. Even if i suggest he does, as I do like tormenting myself. He finishes up after 50 minutes, leaving him smirking and sweaty too. ahhh..little did we know how difficult this would be for both of us. Stay tuned for part 2 of me trying to endure this mummification and the very fearful and genuine reaction to me being cut out. 

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