Naked Cave Blow2Pop

5:40 video

I stripped naked in a previous helmeted rubber boot balloon popping challenge, now that im nude, why stop there. I crawl carefully to an ideal spot nn the slippery clay floor wearing only rubberboots aka wellies and my helmet in front of stunning stalagmites in a dark eerie cave with a lovely orange balloon. I get comfy with my bare ass on an article of clothing and i start blowing. I nonchalantly reveal a bit more of my private parts than i normally do in my sitting positions as i inflate this lovely balloon by mouth. This is a very dirty dark setting but I do the best I can to light up the area so you don't miss a thing. My lips and cheeks start burning as i take brief breaks but i keep on blowing as it is a bit cold in this underworld. The balloon keeps expanding and growing larger as the neck starts inflating and getting tighter and tighter the more air I blow into it. The grip becomes challenging but this doesn't stop me from keep blowing this sucker up until it pops unexpectedly causing the most wonderful loud longest echo. I remain quiet until the echo stops. This makes me so genuinely happy but now im naked and only have shards to pick up. ahh...just another wonderful day with dirty girl Fayth in a dirty dark beautiful cave somewhere in Alabama, USA

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