Blow 2 Pop on Fallen Tree

9:19 video

I am continuing my walk thru the wonderful wilderness of Florida to not only get some fresh air but also to improve my mood by popping balloons. I find this huge fallen pine tree as I climb and crawl on top of it and decide this is the perfect place to let the sun shine on me and blow up a "Love BLNS" printed clear balloon. I tell you how this is my 2nd to last one of these lovely balloons as I am comfortably dressed in a silver sweater, tight jeans, and black boots. As I balance on this tree, i blow up this lovely balloon. My lips are a bit sore but i do not let them stop me. The more inflated and tight this balloon becomes, the harder it is to blow up. My cheeks fill up and stretch as my grip gets more difficult to hold on to the neck with my fingers. The neck stretches out as long as it can as the balloon is almost see thru. I pull the balloon away from my lips as it bursts immediately after. I do not react as normal, i remain still, quiet, and keep tears from forming. I am in a unique mood and all i wanted to do was make this thing explode while my lips were on it and my air was going inside of it. Once i get over my slight disappointment, i repeatedly state that this was a blow to pop and explain why i believe this. i hope you agree. This really is as genuine of a reaction as it gets and i need to try again as i must blow to pop balloons to help me smile today. I hop off the tree and keep walking to find the next place in nature to have another go at popping a balloon with my mouth only. Stay tuned...

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