Fayths Pumpkin Predicament Bind

10:38 video

Why empty and carve pumpkins when they are much more useful when full, heavy and bindable too? I thought i was going to a party but instead I find myself with a very tight crotch rope with a huge heavy pumpkin on the other end of it. I try to move but it only makes my crotchrope tighter and tighter. My wrists are bound and try to struggle but its not much use, only discomfort and pain. But this is only the beginning as soon my nipples are then tied and bound to another heavy pumpkin making me on stand on my tiptoes. If I move an inch, my nipples feel like they will pop off. My nipple piercings make the twine stay put as my body is made to stay put as I voice my concern and try to explain what I am feeling. My hair is then tied up to the ceiling and my mouth is shoved full of a penetrative penis gag as I begin to shake and quiver from all the stress my body is under. I cant move, but i want to move, but I shouldn't move but I want to move but not one part of me is allowed or else something will hurt more than it should. I simply stand they and shake and endure this very challenging predicament. I am in my own head space with pumpkins and rope in charge. To end this very physically challenging bondage position, My leg is pulled up with another rope, leaving me to balance on 1 very high heal of my thigh high boots, crotch rope and hair holding me up but luckily my gag has been removed and my nipples have been released from their peril. Wow, I suppose next time, I should think twice when I suggest using a pumpkin as part of my bondage scene. Thanks Knotty_Guy_1000 on Fetlife for helping with this very unique and challenging predicament bind!

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