Waters Edge Blow & No Pop

12:14 video

I have found a nice semi-private area along the water that has the perfect place for us to sit at and enjoy talking and playing with balloons. I decide right aways that i do not want to pop any balloons as there are people nearby and i do not wish to raise any concerns of loud pew pew noises. I know no popping isn't guaranteed, luckily i do succeed altho i discuss this more through out. I have long bulblalar colorful balloons with 6 round areas to fill for them to be fully inflated. I am hesitant at first but quickly rid my doubt and just take the chance of accidental pops happening but none do. After I inflate each of teh 6 balloons with my mouth, I smile so big and touch them as they are tight and solid before i hold them in the middle and let them deflate in between my fingers. I am surprised how happy this makes me. The sensation of the air leaving, the now stretched balloon and how they end of looking so different than pre blown makes me expectantly happy. I do this 6 times and am very satisfied with no bursts and no people entering my lil happy balloon bubble along the water. I then show you the difference of how a uninflated and the now stretched balloons looks. I love it. I cant wait to play with these balloons again, now that i gave them another chance to make me smile and hopefully you as well.

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