Fayth Investigates & Gets Chair Tied

19:12 video

This is part 1 of 3: how not all investigations end in happy endings, especially for me. Little do I know that is the last story i will ever investigate.

I received some inside information leading me to this address as this is where its claimed that other woman have been held against their will and shipped off to never be seen again. I aquire clues fast as I remove the screen and open the window finding tape and a gimp mask immediately. I must get inside to confirm this is the lair of demise for the missing woman. I quickly realize that whomever is running this crime ring is not smart as I find the key to the locked door under the mat as I cautiously make my way inside ensuring nobody is around, locking the door as i enter. I must find more proof. I see a skeleton key hanging from the wall and quickly find the hidden door it unlocks. I rummage thru my findings and confirm my gut feeling as the photos are proof that this crime ring ends in New Mexico, even with a map of the area. I also find lots of cash, so much rope, handcuffs, gags, more rope. I am so enthralled with my findings i do not see or hear a man come up behind me and smother my mouth and nose with a white cloth. I kick, I fight but the horrible headache inducing smell of the cloth leaves me no choice but to fall to slumber land as helpless as could be. You get a good look at me laying on the floor wearing a white blouse tied at my midriff, a tight skirt that has moved up to reveal my garter belt, suspenders and my black lace top thigh highs and my high heel pumps. 

The next thing I know is I wake up very tightly bound to a chair with a white cloth shoved between my teeth. I struggle with all my might, I angrily gag talk as i don't see anyone around but i know I must try to escape as I do not want to be part of this statistic in this investigation. My legs are bound spread showing off my legs and stockings. I struggle and I fight against the ropes and eventually am able to reach a knot as I wiggle and writhe to get each limb unbound from this predicament. I ungag myself as I find my glasses that were dropped in my struggles. Once I finally have all the ropes off of my body, hanging from the chair, i try to get out of this house as fast as i can. I even kick my heels off in my escape but I am quickly grabbed from behind and very roughly made to go up the stairs as I fight, kick and scream but he is just to strong for me as i soon will see what his next step of breaking me is, as i'm sure this is what happened to the other missing ladies too.

To be continued....



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