Fayth Cocoons Herself w 70+ Balloons

43:06 video

I have a very stretchy long pantyhose tube, my naked body and many many balloons so why not combine these 3 things to experience something I have never done before. I strip and start blowing. I talk to you throughout as I keep blowing up colorful balloons and tying them off and shoving them inside this cocoon with my naked body to surround me against my skin. I do not anticipate it stretching so much nor that it would take all the deflated balloons I dumped on the bed but as I am stubborn, i don't give up and I keep on blowing and blowing with my mouth only and tying them off and shoving them in. The cocoon of balloons gets bigger and bigger as my smile gets wider and wider. I express every concern I have to include my slight worry of accidental pops against my sweet spot and the not knowing how much it will sting. I do realize the yellow balloons are the weak ones as 2 do accidentally pop on me but only as I am blowing them up, not while inside my growing cocoon. I only realize just how many balloons it takes after I count the pops in post-editing and it ends up being more than 70 loons that i use to fill this expanding pantyhose barrier up. I move my naked body around as much as the balloons will allow with not pops inside. My smooth shaved legs, the soft inflated balloons, and the pantyhose material feels so great on my skin. I cant help but move my body around. I soon get to the point of the balloons escaping from their naked cavern as i run out of balloons to blow up. ahhh...what a great 42 minutes. Stay tuned to see just what i decide to do with my new found sensory experience to only make it more fun for me and hopefully you too!

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