Bonus Update: Fayth Stuck Under a Truck Hood

10:11 video

I wanted to do something special for my sweetheart for Valentines Day and he said I could get out of the booty call If i changed out the spark plug in his truck. I definitely am not dressed for the occasion but heck, how bad could it be. Should be easy as pie, right? I grab what tools i think I need and pull up this wooden step thing and use a moving blanket to cover the paint as he did insist i don't scratch this awesome flame paint job up on this antique truck. I bend over the radiator and battery and start my mission. Hell if i know where the spark plug thingy majiggy is. Its so greasy and gross under here. You watch as I kick my legs and my high heels in the air as I cant find the plug spot. My dress is short and I don't wear panties so this is definitely to your advantage. I crawl a bit more into the hood but as I do that the hood falls down on my lower back. I can't see and I cant get out nor can I move. I am stuck but i still do try to look for this thingy under the hood. My hair gets caught on things, i made ridiculous comments, and I move my hips and legs like i've never moved them. My belly hurts from all my weight being on this very uncomfortable truck ledge. I kick my high heels off thinking this will help me get unstuck but it definitely does not. Finally the boys come back from having some beers and have a spank on my ass in my vulnerable position. They do not raise the hood up and off of me. They humiliate me as I really just wanted to help but I guess I should have learned what a spark plug and ratchet looked like first before crawling under the hood. The guys leave me hear letting me know if I need anything to just holar. Damn it man. I'm stuck...and they don't care as they go off to have more beer instead of helping me out as I just kick and flail my legs in the air.

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