Carissa Bound as Art Work - Part 1 of 2

35:06 video

Carissa approached me weeks prior and showed me a piece of artwork created by Gummineer asking me if I could make this happen in reality to her. We discussed a few things, agreed that there's a reason why cartoons are not human and that not everything in this image is possible but I agreed to try my best in turning this piece of work into a reality with her body. 


This video is very casual as we talk and chitchat with no acting whatsoever. We discuss how the ropes feel, our experiences, we laugh, we are just ourselves as I slowly but surely add all the rope I have possession of to her body as she becomes more and more helpless in the overhang of this old decrepit barn with a dirt and vine covered floor. Farmer Joe also looks around the farm to look for any other rope we could use but I do think in the end, we had just enough to prove that where there is a will, there's a way. I tie on her crotch rope first, as this was the tightest crotch rope I've ever tied on anyone and her reaction is priceless. I then work on tying her big toes, feet, and ankles to the chair off the ground. I then work on tightly tying her legs and thighs spread vulnerably spread. I then add lots of pressure on her chest with more rope, then the most important part to me was the strict breast bondage making her individual breasts swell and pop out, even her inny nipple is made to pop out, as this is a first for me and rare for her. I then tie her wrist behind her. Since this is a strict tie, i left her hands out so she could be the selfie slut she loves to be while I work on much of the rope and also so I can take a look at the artwork I am emulating. Carissa really has become a tough little rope bunny since I met her and Im so honored that she trusts me to do these hard but lovely things to her. Tho I dont think she realized the gag will also be pretty darn tough too. Stay tuned for the gagging and enduring of this tough chick named Carissa Dumond.

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