Hooter Girl Tied & Hot Sauce Ballgagged

12:35 video

I don't remember leaving the restaurant, nor do i know how i got here, all i do know is i'm being dragged by my arms across the room in lala land to then be bound to a banister. I'm still wearing my work uniform in its entirety, short orange shorts, thick tights, scrunchy white socks, and the signature Hooters tank top. I wake up tied with rope with only one leg on the floor for the time being. I come to hoping im having a nightmare but as I realize i'm not dreaming, i spot you. You are the customer that doesn't tip and always complains that your wings aren't hot enough. You seem to think free delivery means not only food but also the waitress as well as I dangle from your staircase. You think its all my fault your wings are hot enough as i protest that its not me but the cooks issue. You don't care as you show me your hot sauce collection and decide to show me just how hot you like your wings. You dump the hottest of the hottest hotsauce on a ballgag and shove it in my mouth as I gag and wince and gagtalk expressing my feelings thru mpphs and muffled words. My lips are on fire, im drooling and I cant do anything about it but to keep gag talking. You then tie my other leg up to the banister to ensure I don't go anywhere as i hopefully learn your wing flavor preference. You display your collection on my body and even risk breaking them as they fall from my bound body. I really wish you would realize i have nothing to do with how your food is cooked but i guess I have no choice but to hang around in this suspension until you see I have learned the lesson of hotness.

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