Fayths Red Room of Sit2Pops

16:47 video

I have blown up all of these lovely different size white balloons and have had my moment with them while they are inflated and tied off but now its time for them to meet their demise in my red room of pain and popping. I am wearing red tights, a tight short black skirt, and a red silk blouse and later to be revealed and lovely black bra beneath as it gets a bit warm after bouncing to pop one after another. I do tease most of them by testing their durability with my thick strong thighs as i squeeze them between my legs as hard as I can, I play with them with my tights clad feet after removing my black high heels. I make each and every one of them to explode into pieces by sit on them and bouncing on them. Some cant take my ass on top of them for very long, others i must bounce and bounce before they realize I wont stop until they pop. Some, the neck flies across the room, others leave many shards beneath me but its most certain they all meet their fate beneath me just as they should and probably prefer. I have fun with the one punch balloon as I punch and punch and punch it using the rubber band connected. It does not pop as I fist it, so I sit on it watching as its neck stretches so far out making me so happy with its expansion. I really enjoy the necks that stretch far out further and further. I wish they all did that before exploding. Ahhh...now its time to clean up the room of red, will you help me?

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