Balloons Popped By Cigarette

8:22 video

I just inflated many balloons but not in a happy way. The pump frustrated me, The balloons didn't blow up as fast as I wanted too and I just want all of them to pop. I need a cigarette after the hassle to inflate all these suckers. I light my smoke up and explain to you why am so frustrated and i then get to it. With every balloon I give the kissofdeath too, the happier of a mood I get into. Each one of these loons deserve to explode and burst by means of me. I talk to you with my smoke in my mouth or in between my fingers but nomatter what, when i pop a balloon, the smoke is between my lips and i hold the balloon in my hand and make it touch the hot cherry until it just pops due to its burning ember. I love making these loons explode by this nature. I am feeling better and better with every pop. There are some very pretty colorful balloons that meet their demise and turn to shards as my smile gets bigger the more bangs I make happen. This is a great stress relief but I know it scares you but that's ok. I will only pop them closer and closer to your face in my fearless ways. Now you better clean this mess up.

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