Mistress GiGi Binds & Gags & Uses Burglar Fayth

21:23 video

All burglars wear semi see-thru catsuits with black pantyhose beneath or so I have been told and who am I to break that mold. I have been tipped off that is house has valuables, I just have to find them. I open a few drawers and find one filled with very unusual bdsm gear as I ponder out loud what the heck this stuff is, but then I get very distracted by this huge wad of cash. As I count it, GiGi sneaks up behind me, as we get a good look at her black pantyhose clad legs and sexy little black dress as she grabs my ponytail and instantly fights me and wraps her strong thighs around me, taking my breath away but not my voice. She ties me wrists, ties my ankles and my chest all while I complain and bitch and moan and she slowly comes out to tell me who she really is and what she plans on doing with me as I have been set up and she new all along that I was coming here to rob her. Her customers overseas love redheads and she will make quite a bit off of me, she just has to restrain me to get the auction started. She eventually hogties me and then to make matters worse, she wraps many layers of duct tape over all the rope to make me unable to escape or even think about it. She then find a pair of socks and fills my cheeks with them as I just shut up. She secures them in my mouth with many wraps of tape around my head. This muffles my protests but doesn't quiet me down. She then shoves a black pantyhose stocking over my head as she puts her pantyhose covered feet on my head and in my face much as possible as she finishes telling me what will happen to me. She gropes me, spanks my ass and really starts to realize just how much profit she will make off of me but first she will be inviting her fellow MILF friends over to make me please each one of them orally until I get them off, no matter how long it takes. I cant believe i was set up like this, but looks like I am now GiGi's property now until someone else takes ownership.

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